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Ensure practice success with continuing care cards

Patient loyalty is an important component of your practice's success. A patient who feels valued and welcomed by their chiropractor's office is more likely to refer the practice to their friends, and will likely enjoy a better overall experience during their visit. Greeting cards, appointment cards and health calendars are effective marketing tools that enhance patient loyalty and encourage referrals.

For patients who have recurring appointments, chiropractic appointment cards are a great way to remind them of their next scheduled visit. It reduces the risk of forgotten or missed appointments, and gives patients an opportunity to reschedule if necessary. Include information such as the date and time of the appointment and contact information for rescheduling such as a phone number, email address or website link.

Chiropractic postcards can also be used to invite your patients to refer their friends, families and colleagues to your practice. Special incentives can be used to encourage referrals, such as a discount on their next visit or a free consultation for an additional service. Since referrals are a cornerstone for any chiropractic practice, these cards can have a significant impact for minimal cost.

When choosing chiropractic appointment cards, recall cards and contemporary health calendars, choose attractive and eye-catching designs and that reflect your practice's personality. High quality cards stand out in the mail, reducing the risk of being mistaken for junk mail or sales flyers, and increasing their potential impact. Take a look at our selection of chiropractor postcards and calendars for some great ideas for your practice.