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Cards for Insurance and Financial Business Marketing

Client relations is one of the more important aspects of any service industry job, but especially so for the financial planning and insurance industries. After all, when you’re helping to decide someone’s fiscal future, you must ensure they trust your decision-making and judgment. Building that trust, though, is not easy, and oftentimes we find that business owners want some assistance to help increase retention while also maintaining a heavy stream of referrals from existing clients.

With Sharper Cards, you can begin to build that loyalty and trust by investing in financial marketing postcards, insurance greeting cards, direct mail marketing placements and magnetic calendars. The benefits provided by these types of cards are twofold. First, these products will help establish a solid reputation for your brand and business. Second, by sending the occasional card or mailer to an existing client or potential client, you are keeping in contact in a professional, visible manner.

Financial business marketing is not an easy task, especially in today’s tough economic times. Developing a sound strategy for building your brand is an essential part of gathering new business and retaining your long-standing clientele. Additionally, by increasing spending on direct mail marketing mailers, postcards, and other financial marketing tools, you will be able to increase the referral rate for your past clients.

At Sharper Cards, we have a wide variety of card options for all types of financial and insurance businesses. Depending on the nature of your campaign, we have insurance greeting cards, financial postcards, financial and insurance calendars and more. Find just about every type of card for any occasion to help grow your brand through financial and insurance business marketing with Sharper Cards.

Birthday Cards – it’s the small gestures that matter the most.

Send warm wishes to celebrate your client’s special day with custom birthday cards from Sharper Cards. Clients appreciate you staying in touch, especially when it’s unexpected like a birthday card. By including a gift such as a free service or product, it will help them feel valued and also increase the likelihood of them coming back.

With thoughtfulness comes client loyalty. Birthday cards are a simple gesture that builds and strengthens client relationships. Special occasions provide an easy opportunity to reconnect and express your gratitude for their loyalty. Plus, they may display the card in their home, creating instant referral opportunities with anyone who sees it.