Sharper Cards Green Policy

Caring about our environment!

At Sharper Cards, we're doing our best to bring you quality products, while maintaining an environmental standard. We’re committed to achieving high "environmental quality" in our products, services and corporate activities.

How we're staying green:

  • We're now printing digitally! This enables us to print on-demand and significantly reduce the amount of waste produced.
  • We are always growing our selection of environmentally responsible products such as our reusable and biodegradable tote bags, as well as products made of recycled materials like our BIC Ecolutions pens.
  • We have strict standards for the safe and environmental disposal of hazardous materials in our manufacturing facility.
  • We have a “Lights Out” policy, encouraging unoccupied work spaces to remain dark and powering down all computers and equipment in off-hours.
  • We recycle all of our office paper, toner cartridges, cardboard boxes, bottles and cans.
  • By upgrading to more energy-efficient office equipment, we are significantly reducing our energy consumption each year.
  • We e-cycle old office equipment, such as telephones, computers, printers and monitors.