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Attract new customers with Personalized Products.

Affordable and ideal for giving to prospective customers in your office, at trade shows, and after first-time appointments, personalized products help to promote your brand without breaking the bank.

Sharper Cards offers an extensive selection of personalized promotional products for only $2 or less. From personalized pens, reusable tote bags to lip balms, key tags and promotional magnets, you'll be sure to find the right marketing product for your budget and brand.

Click here to shop our entire collection of marketing personalized products.

Appointment Postcards, Marketing Mailers and More!

Developing marketing materials in house can be a painstakingly difficult process, especially for small businesses. Hiring the graphic designers, getting the printing done, ensuring a high quality finished product— it all adds up to an extremely tedious endeavor. Instead of attempting to produce printed marketing cards, calendars, and other materials on your own, work with the experts at Sharper Cards.

Here at Sharper Cards, we specialize in helping take businesses to the next level through the use of business cards, calendars, appointment cards, recall cards and more. We’ve helped businesses large and small develop their brands, improve their service level, and dramatically increase their bottom line by providing them with these basic tools for marketing and branding. By using these printed materials, you’ll not only help to increase your business, but you’ll also show your company to be a reputable, high quality organization.

As an example, personalized holiday cards work wonders to show your clients how much you care about them, outside of business. By demonstrating that your business is more than just a faceless corporate entity, you help to ensure that your clients will show brand loyalty when it comes to your company, which can lead to so many things: retention, referrals, or positive reviews of your business.

Reminder or recall cards can also help in a much more direct way, especially for medical offices or other appointment-based businesses, by decreasing missed appointments and thus increasing ROI. Additionally, there is the added bonus of showing your client that you care enough to send a card reminding them of their appointment, which helps to strengthen customer loyalty.

Browse our selection of cards and mailers to determine the proper marketing materials for your business. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-561-6677 so we can begin building your marketing efforts and growing your business.