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get the word out.

Keep customers coming back.

Many of our appointment cards have matching products such as postcards, business cards, tote bags and more. Portray a professional image by coordinating designs for all your customer communications. Not only does this help build your brand as a marketing tool, it also saves you money.

Although an appointment card is primarily designed to provide an easy reference for your customer, you should never miss an opportunity to use printed material as a business marketing tool. Begin to think of everything that leaves your office as part of your brand, and begin to think of every outward facing thing you do as part of building your brand. So when you send out appointment cards, make sure that the look and feel match your existing marketing products and the overall sense that you're trying to create with your business.

Appointment cards provide an excellent service to both your customers and yourself. By utilizing them as a marketing tool, you're providing additional value to your business while not detracting from the value to the customer. When your customer sticks that card to his or her refrigerator with a magnet, make sure that the design is something that effectively showcases your practice or business while still providing the look and feel you associate with your brand.

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