Make your customers’ birthday a special one
with a customized birthday card.

One of the best ways to endear your business to customers is to provide thoughtful gestures like birthday cards. Birthday greetings help to strengthen relationships with your customers, and they will appreciate you staying in touch, especially when it's unexpected like a birthday card.

Special occasions, like birthdays, provide an easy opportunity to reconnect, and express your gratitude for customers' loyalty. By including a gift such as a free service or product, it will help your customers feel valued and also increase the likelihood of them coming back. Plus, they are likely to display the birthday card in their home, creating instant referral opportunities with anyone who sees it.

Another great advantage of a personalized birthday card is that it can add a friendly touch to something that could be perceived as a mass mailer. For more particular customers, and higher end businesses, this would be the ideal strategy. As with any gift, the more thought that goes into it, the better it will be - for you and your customers.

Here are 4 easy steps to set up your own birthday card marketing campaign:

  • Collect the birthdays, name and contact information of your customer. Ask them to sign-up to receive free birthday offers.
  • Start a spreadsheet and input all the birthdays you've collected - remember to segment the contacts by their month of birth.
  • Each month, establish how many birthday cards you will need printed and sent out. In this step you can add your personal message and also a small gift or special offer to use at your business.
  • Coordinate to get your birthday cards mailed. If you included a special offer, be sure to include tracking information such as a promo code that customers will need to quote. This way, you can track and analyze the success of your campaign.

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