Keep them coming back
with a loyalty plan.

Step 1: Determine the criteria and the type of reward you would offer.

Base the criteria on what would be most appropriate for your business.

The following questions are a good start in establishing your criteria:

  • Do you only offer services?
  • Do you offer service packages with a discount offer?
  • Do you offer services and products people can purchase?
  • What are the average dollar figures customers spend per visit?
  • On average, how often do customers visit?

Once you have established the criteria, choose the type of reward you will offer.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Free services such as financial planning consultation
  • Free product such as t-shirts, travel mugs
  • Frequent flyer points, gift cards or a free vacation trip

Smooth Sailing Loyalty Cards

Step 2: Get your frequency cards ready!

Now that you have established what you will be offering as a reward for loyalty, make sure you have the materials in place so customers can keep track. Sharper Cards business cards are perfect for creating frequency cards. The front can have your business information on it, while the back can be customized to your needs. Be sure to keep a unique stamp or hole punch on-hand so that you can mark the card.


Here is a frequency card for a financial planning business that offers both services and products. The card is based on the amount spent per visit where for every $50 spent, the customer would receive one stamp. So, if the customer's bill came out to $629, they would get 12 stamps on their card.