Attract customers and increase your
business visibility.

Magnets are specialty marketing items that offer a tremendous business exposure opportunity.

Customized magnets present a tremendous opportunity for businesses to market themselves effectively to potential customers.

Promotional magnets are great for branding your business. Magnets that are high quality and have an attractive design will stand out, especially when displayed on a crowded refrigerator door. People will use them frequently, often putting them on their desk at work, or in their kitchen at home. To command even more attention, choose an unusual shape with an eye catching design and brilliant colors.

Think of a magnet as front yard sign-everyone who walks into a person's kitchen will see the magnet on the fridge. Capitalize on the visual power of suggestion by prominently displaying your phone number and company information with an incentive to call. If your business is primarily phone based, a magnet can be an especially valuable marketing tool. Use the magnet to talk to your customers. Instead of just imprinting your phone number, specifically ask your customers to call.

Here are some sample messages that you can use:

  • "Call now and start saving money"
  • "Call now for your free samples"
  • "Call now for a free consultation"

Marketing is all about differentiating your business from your competitors, and promotional magnets are just one way to accomplish that and make your marketing dollars go a long way. No matter what else you include on the magnet, make sure your business gets noticed. Magnets are marketing tools that can keep working for your business year round.

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