Free Personalization Colors

Enhance your message to patients or clients through the use of color.

At Sharper Cards we make personalization easy by recommending the font color that works best with your product and message when you place your order.

Standard Personalization Colors

Standard personalization colors available on all products.*
Standard Personalization Colors

Additional Personalization Colors

Available for the majority of Sharper Tote™ styles, Sharper Magnets™, Sharper Tags™, Sharper Lip Balm™, and Sharper Cups™.

Additional Personalization Colors

*Some Sharper Cards products are limited to select personalization colors.

Custom Personalization Colors

Can't find the exact color for printing on your product? We would be happy to custom print your order in any Pantone® color.

  • Initial order - $70 per color
  • Subsequent orders - $30 per color