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all year round.

Promotional calendars are great for giving your business year long exposure.

Personalized calendars can be one of your best promotional investments because they are a great way to marketing your business all year round. These economical promotional products can be handed out to customers, slipped into a tote bag or included when sending out an invoice or holiday card.

Give prospective and existing customers something that they will use every day of the year. Personalized calendars are simple marketing tools that can be used everywhere. From offices and stores to homes and events, these impactful products are a powerful and constant source of advertising for your business

Great for the holiday season

Personalized Calendars make the perfect gift to thank your customers during the holiday season for their continued support through the year. Customers will appreciate your gratitude and thoughtfulness, as they use the calendar to quickly reference your business information.

An ideal holiday greeting gift is a desktop flip calendar. They mail flat and pop up for easy display in any home or office. What's great about this calendar style is that it is constantly displayed on your customer's desk, increasing your chances for new referrals. Another great calendar that can be used as a gift during the holiday season are tri-fold calendars. They are great marketing products that combine a greeting and a gift, all in one. What at first appears to be a greeting card, folds out into a bold bright 12-month calendar. The card folds to conveniently fit in an envelope for easy mailing.

Increase your marketing reach

Promotional calendars are great for giving your practice or business year long exposure. They are a fun, colorful and cost effective way to keep your name in front of customers. Leave a stack at the reception desk beginning in October and encourage customers to take extras to give to friends and family as an instant referral tool. Encourage your customers to use them as reminders of their upcoming appointments. With any marketing tool, you will want to get it in front of the most eyes as possible, and with a promotional calendar, you'll have an affordable, year-round marketing tool that'll be seen daily.

Magnet calendars are great for increasing your marketing exposure and keep your business information readily available for customers. These business calendars can be displayed in homes and offices on refrigerators and filing cabinets, making your name visible to potential customers.

Every home, store and office needs a calendar; make sure yours is the one to get used the most. Customers will see your name often as they keep track of appointments and activities. Calendars make a great holiday gift, and customers will surely appreciate your thoughtful and kind gesture. This will entice them to display the calendar, creating a year-round marketing tool for your business.

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