Make your postcards
stand out.

Postcards are a marketing tool whether you want to provide an appointment reminder or acquire new customers. They're not as bulky as a full-on mailer, but, if the postcards are utilized correctly, they can be even more effective in getting across the ethos of your business and the value of your services to potential customers. Postcards are also inexpensive and easy to distribute, with no additional envelope required.

Obviously, there are many ways to use a postcard, but here are some of the obvious ways to best utilize postcards as a business marketing tool:

  • Differentiate your business by including a mission statement or an inspirational quote
  • Reinforce the need for your business by including an interesting statistic or fact
  • List hours of operation
  • Include a promotional offer
  • Short listing of services
  • Include a location map for quick reference of your current or new address
  • Create a unique image by incorporating your logo or a free Sharper Cards logo

Customize Your Cards

Remember that one of the main uses of postcards and other printed marketing tools is to increase brand awareness. Many people think it's necessary to include some kind of promotional giveaway when sending out printed material to a mass audience, but, although that can be useful for a short term boost to business, it's not necessary for a great marketing campaign. The more you put your brand on material that gets out to customers, whether that means putting your logo and mission statement on a postcard or just a map to your business, the more long term customers you'll get.

As always, with branding, it's important to keep a cohesive message between all of your marketing tools. That doesn't mean the same information needs to be on everything you send to your customers, but it does mean that you should have the same kind of tone and purpose to all of your mailings. Here at Sharper Cards, we can help you coordinate your marketing efforts through postcards, direct mailers, appointment cards, and more so that you can have a cohesive brand that attracts customers and continues to grow your business.

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