Strengthening Customer

Customers appreciate you staying in touch, especially when it's unexpected.
For example, sending a birthday card is highly effective… by including a special gift such as a free service or product, it will help your customer feel valued and increase the likelihood of them coming back.

It's a common fact that people who are satisfied with a product or service will most likely tell someone they know about it at some point. Arm them with something tangible so they can pass on your information easily.

2-Step Loyalty Plan

Reward customers for consistently using your services with a frequency card.

Step 1: Determine the criteria and the type of reward you would offer.

Step 2: Get your frequency cards ready!

Business cards are perfect for creating frequency cards. The front can have your business information on it, while the back can be customized to your needs. Be sure to keep a unique stamp or hole punch on-hand so that you can mark the card.

Here is a frequency card for a financial service that offers both services and products. The card is based on the amount spent per visit. So, if the client's bill came out to $102, they would get two stamps on their card.
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Swag - Everyone loves free stuff.

Personalized giveaways such as mugs, pens, magnets, key chains, and so forth are always appreciated by customers. Not only are these promotional products a great source of constant advertising, but they also reinforce your business image.

To make your giveaways pack the most punch, choose different price points for customer segments.

Customer Type Price Point Giveaway Suggestions
Newbie $$ Magnet, pen, drink koozie, key chain
Loyal $$$ Mug, tote bag, wall or desk calendar, lip balm
Infrequent $ Small calendar, notepad, bookmark
Prospect -- Instead of giveaways focus on promotions

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