Turn your favorite Sharper Cards postcard
into Wall Art.

A well-constructed and beautifully designed piece of wall art can make your business a more inviting place to be, which can help to attract new customers. By decorating your office with customized wall art throughout the year, you are creating a pleasant atmosphere that your customers will look forward to returning to. Wall art adds a modern and refreshing look to a business, welcoming customers and encouraging them to recommend your business to friends, family and colleagues. Moreover, replacing or rearranging your office wall art every few months helps add a fresh change of scenery for your staff and customers.

The holiday season is also a good time to add a refreshing look to your business. Holiday wall art is easily hung and taken down with the added bonus of reusing it year after year.

At Sharper Cards, our latest technology allows us to enlarge variations of your postcard designs to put on your walls. You'll essentially be getting laminated company posters advertising your business! Also, by using the same designs from your postcards on your walls, you are helping to build brand cohesion, and energize your customer base.

Any of our postcards can be enlarged into beautiful, customized Wall Art to decorate your office.

You can choose between two sizes: 19" x 27" or 24" x 36" and three finishes:

  • Poster
  • Laminated
  • Block mounted

To find out more about the many different ways that we can help you develop exciting Wall Art to help you build your business and attract new customers, please give us a call at 1-800-561-6677, or click here to shop our complete selection of wall art designs.